• Il Villaggio di Giuele
  • Il Villaggio di Giuele
  • Il Villaggio di Giuele


Climbing in Finale Ligure...
home of climbing for the past four decades. More than 150 cliffs, distributed in a vast territory of about 10 square kilometers, different exhibitions and a characteristic micro-climate, allowing to climb during all months of the year.

The rock that you can find is a marine limestone characterized by many holes, pockets, and water drops.
The predominant type of climbing wall is vertical with fingers, with a single step.
There are overhangs, roofs and other types of plates with handles such as canes or lists.
The existing cliffs in the area of Finale Ligure are numerous and increasing every year; currently there are about 3000 ways split in cliffs with different exposures. Stainless steel and resin anchors are the materials. There are various types of steel anchors that can be found, but the most commonly used are Raumer SUPERSTAR 10X80 fixed with resins which, usually, can vary between HILTI HY150 and BERNER-MCS-410.

In Finale Ligure you can climb some cliffs located on the coast where you can experience the "thrill" to scale with the sea beneath your feet; the cliffs of Capo Noli have this feature and also the characteristics of having a very different limestone from the rest of the cliffs of Finale area.

A couple of cliffs are reachable within walking distance from railway station: Paretina di Finalborgo (20 minutes) and Rocce dell'Orera (50 minutes). The itineraries to reach the cliffs on average last 20 minutes, rarely 10 or 40 minutes. In about 15 minutes (maximum) by car is always possible to move from one sector to another.

The difficulty of the routes goes from 3a to 8c, most of the cliffs includes however ways from sixth to seventh degree, and in fact, the easy ways are scattered in the various cliffs. The most popular cliffs are the ones, of course, that have the more beaten and evident track; the vegetation in woods of Finale Ligure is very thick and grows fast, you better be careful not to get lost ... We suggest you buy a guide and ask for information to local climbers

Where to climb...

The macro-zone with the highest concentration of cliffs is:

  • Rian Cornei Valley: more than 40 sectors
  • Rock of Perti: 19 sectors
  • Monte Cucco: 10 sectors
  • Boragni: 10 sectors

In addition, is possible to practice the Boulder on rocks in four areas described in the guides and the site www.finalebythomas.com

Some examples do not to miss for the beauty of itineraries and the environment:

Cave of Edera
An open cylindrical cave climbing on all sides where the routes from 6a + to 8a are all wonderful.

Bric Scimarco
A vertical wall of rock with memorable routes from 5c to 7c, mostly vertical and technicians.

Cave of Strapatente
An overhanging pipe, with routes from 6c to 8b, with a spectacular roof.

Of great interest for foreign tourists, Nolitudine is one of three areas which overlook the sea, incredible rock from 4b to 6c.

In Finale Ligure you can always find specialty shops and for those wishing to try this sport, on request is possible also rent equipment.
For further information visit www.finalebythomas.com or directly at us!


  • Il Villaggio di Giuele
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